This time, the London bridge was not falling. Rather Asya, her mom (Yogita) and Her dad (me) were walking across the bridge and met a dinosaur and a fish.
Dad asked Dino to sing a song but he couldn’t. Dad played guitar on his iPhone and Dino clapped, clapped and clapped.
Fish and Asya and mom joined them with a melodious song.

This is one of the bedtime stories. The beauty here is, no boundaries and it is fresh, told right there with the ideas as they pop up.

It is written/told/enjoyed/remembered by three of us at that moment. No books were required. Asya’s mom (and my wife ;)) weaves these remarkable stories on the fly with characters around Asya. Each story starts with a family trip. And Asya adds her favorite characters or whatever comes to her mind.

I believe it is a beautiful way of storytelling. It is unconventional and personable. I am wondering how can I improve my story telling skill using some of these techniques. Yogita!!! Help :D

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